Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Review/Swatch: China Glaze Sky High-Top

Hi lovelies,

Happy Wednesday c: Hope everybody is doing well!  Today I have my first review/swatch post~ While this polish isn't very new I still think it's fun to see swatches and reviews of older polishes so that's what we're doing, buckle up :)

I have China Glaze's Sky High-Top, I think this is from some kind of shoe themed collection they did once but I bought it at Ulta when the collection wasn't new and I know you can buy it from Victoria's Nail Supply online.

Sky High-Top is a gorgeous blue, it's a little too dark for "sky blue" in my opinion, but it's an absolute gorgeous blue, sort of a clear lake blue.  Very, very beautiful.  It has a subtle shimmer, it's visible in sunlight but not really in the shade, which is nice.  I like the versatility of that.  It was a three-coater for me, and it went on beautifully, very creamy and very nicely even.

Sky High-Top in direct sunlight (excuse my need for clean up!)

Sky High-Top in the shade

China Glaze is one of my favorite polishes, and I actually really want to buy more of them, I feel like I have so many Essie polishes and I don't even love Essie polishes that much, well mainly the brush!  I definitely recommend this polish, it's a wonderful blue to have in your collection!

xx Laura

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