Sunday, August 12, 2012

Manicure vs. Review/Swatches

Hi guys~

Just a quick little note here, the first few posts I've got coming up here are what I'm going to classify as "Manicure posts" meaning that the main goal of the post is to show you guys the manicure, whether it be design related or polish combination related.  But in the very, very, new future I have a few "Review/Swatch" posts coming up, in those posts I will talk about things like, how much I liked the formula of the polish, how well it went on, how many coats I used.  More logistics.  If you have any questions that are logistical like that about a manicure feel free to ask me!  But I just wanted to clear up why I'm not addressing those things in these first few posts that I've got coming up.

Thanks guys,
xx Laura

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