Thursday, August 16, 2012

My 5 Favorite Photographs From This Year

Hey guys~

So as the name of this blog suggests I do love photography, even though I don't consider myself a photographer by any stretch of the imagination.  And I took a lot of pictures this past year so I thought for my first "photography" post I'd share with you guys my 5 favorite photographs from this year!

Let's get started, and in no particular order!

I absolutely LOVE this picture, I love the deepness of the green moss in contrast with the reds of the leaves and the flag.  I love it.  I think it's also kind of an interesting play on the idea of never letting the flag touch the ground, which it's technically not by the way, this is in a potted planter kind of thing.  But I see it as sort of a commentary on the army, which is something I love to comment on.

Click below if you'd like to see the other 4 picks!

You're all going to think I'm so morbid, but I took this photo of a dead bird, that I'm 99% sure my cat had a hand in, and it seemed so serene to me.  I think it's a classy death photo rather than a gore-centered one.  I don't think it's gross at all, I think it's very pretty.

I love this shot because I think it is beautifully ethereal, but also because I almost didn't take this picture!  I saw this teeny little feather on the ground and took a couple of shots of it without much hope for them and then lo and behold, when I pulled the pictures up on my computer I was like, this might be the best picture I've ever taken!  I love how you can almost feel the moistness of the dirt and the grass pieces, ah it's it.

This one I took in the same place as the feather picture, what a good photography day it turned out to be!  I took this from inside the corn maze at a farm way out in some part of Oregon.  I love the blue sky against the corn stalks and how the stalks aren't just green they've got little red pieces at their tips.  It's a wonderful color scheme, thanks nature!

Here's one of the little monsters responsible for the first picture... This girl's name is Roxi, she's a pure black cat and she's the laziest thing in the world, as you can see.  This is her on one of our hotter days, lounging in the heat.  I love this picture because I love the richness in color, the black of her fur really translates and I just love how she flicked her eyes up for me, what a model.  

So those are my 5 favorite photographs from this year, I hope you guys enjoyed!  

xx Laura

Note: Please read my copyright info before using any of these pictures for any purpose, thanks!

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