Thursday, August 23, 2012

Chameleon Blue Sky

Hi guys!

Today I've got more swatches and a review for you, of a drugstore polish that I don't see a lot of attention being shown for, but I think it's really nice!

The polish is called Blue Sky by a brand called Chameleon.  It's a bit of a duochrome with a change between deep blue and purple!

Click below if you'd like to see swatches and a review!

This polish is definitely a duochrome, but it's really hard to capture on camera.  Inside it shows up more of an almost lighter toned purple, but outside it's more blue/silver.  It's funny that it's called Blue Sky because it's not sky-like at all, a friend of mine called it "glamorous mermaid"!  It's a gorgeous color, for sure!

This polish I think was $1.99 which is a really great price for an interesting color, and I believe the whole Chameleon line is based on duochrome style polishes, but don't quote me on that.  The thing about this polish is that you'll definitely want some kind of ridge filling base.  I unfortunately don't have a ridge filling base so every little flaw in the surface of my nail was made very obvious!  That being said, I think in a lot of the reviews I read of the China Glaze Bohemian collection said the same thing, I think it's a common duochrome thing, because I also own Just Spotted the Lizard by OPI which acts in the same way.

Here you can see a little bit of the range of the color shift, but it still was so hard to capture on camera!  These pictures don't do the polish justice.  

This polish is actually one of my favorites formula wise, other than the fact that it accentuates flaws in the nail, because every coat dries SO fast.  Seriously, by the time I'm done doing one hand the other is dry.  Also, it goes on really well and even a thin coat is very pigmented.  The brush of this polish is quite narrow which is not usually something that I like but I was really enamored with it for some reason, it was just working for me today! 

Also it has a nice finish, it seems more glossy than some duochromes I've looked at!  All these pictures are without top coat.

Speaking of top coat, I got my Seche Vite in the mail today and tried it out over this color and I love it!  I've previously been using an OPI top coat, not Rapidry though, and it is horrible.  It's goopy, takes forever to dry, and it's just a mess.  Seche Vite was a dream compared to that!!!  It dried SO quickly and it's beautifully glossy!

Overall this is wonderful quality for the price, definitely worth picking up!  I might be trying out a few more of them for you guys in the near future!

xx Laura

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