Saturday, August 18, 2012

Lime Crime's Pastelcio!

Hi guys!

So today I have a review of a much newer polish!  And it is good and bad, good on the fact that I LOVE the color and everything about it.  The bad is that for some reason I was just having a BAD nail painting day today.  So please, excuse my horrible, horrible job.  I even tried to clean it up and it was just not working for me, I tried to get the best pictures possible despite the fact.

So, onto the things you guys care about... Pastelcio.  Part of the Les Desserts collection from Lime Crime.  I also have another one of these lovely polishes to review for you guys soon!

Pastelcio is a hard color to describe for me.  For one thing, it's definitely not pastel.  It's much more neon than pastel, but not quite as neon as some other neon greens I've tried out.  My friend mentioned that it reminded her of Shrek, and I thought that's it!  That's what I've been thinking but couldn't put my finger on it.

It is beautifully opaque.  I have a lot of staining on my nails and I was worried that it would show through since this is a "pastel" color.  But no problem at all, I'm glad I didn't use a white base, it would've been a waste of polish and time!  

I used about 3 coats for this guy, but really you probably could've gotten by with 2 if you really wanted to.  

The finish on this one is not glossy, it's kind of satin-matte.  It's not bad, it actually looks a little glossy in my photos but it's not in person.  I just prefer a glossy top coat.  I added one later, but in these picture it is shown without a top coat.  

Speaking of which, what are you guys' favorite top coats?   Any good drugstore ones out there? Meaning not Seche Vite, my Ulta NEVER restocks Seche Vite, it is so annoying.  I seriously have yet to get my hands on it.  It's horrible.

You can purchase Pastelcio for $5.99 on Lime Crime's website!

Ugh these pictures just make me sad, I promise future pictures will not be this horrid.  Don't judge me by these :c

xx Laura

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