Saturday, August 25, 2012

China Glaze Harvest Moon Swatches!

Hi guys~

How is everybody's weekend going?  Anything fun?  I'm baking Twix brownies tonight with my best friend, they're basically brownies with chopped up Twix in the middle and carmel sauce on top...I am thinking they are going to be amazing!  Also, on a blog side note, I've noticed most bloggers pretty much blog everyday except for Sunday.  So I'm going to give myself Sunday as a break day as well :)  But I usually try to have something lined up for every day, even if it's not at 11 am like it normally is.

Today I have an absolutely gorgeous polish to share with you guys!  It's from the Hunger Games collection, and it's called Harvest Moon.  It's a gorgeous color, very hard to describe.  It's sort of a bronze meets red brown meets gold!  It's got amazing sparkle power without being chunky glitter, which is something that I appreciate in a polish.

Direct sunlight bottle it not amazingly gorgeous?!

If you'd like to see swatches and a review then click below :3

This polish was magic for me.  It went on like butter first of all, the application was amazingly smooth!  I was worried that it might be a little sheer but honest to god I only needed 3 coats!

Harvest Moon in the shade

Also it's one of those colors that's gorgeous in shade but once it hits the out.  It's stunning!  

I mean, look at that.  What more can you ask for really?  It's almost foil-like.  I love it, and I have absolutely nothing like it in my collection.  I was also thinking about how this might be really nice sponged on the tips of your nails over a nice red-brown creme.  

Overall this polish is absolutely freaking amazing, definitely worth picking up!!

xx Laura

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