Sunday, August 19, 2012

Lime Crime's Peaches Love Cream!

Hi guys!

As promised I have another of the Lime Crime, Les Desserts polishes for you today, it's called Peaches <3 Cream.  And let me say, I love this polish.

Peaches <3 Cream is a wonderful, well, peachy color.  It has no shimmer to it, it's very much creme with a more glossy finish than Pastelcio.  It doesn't look very satin-matte to me, unlike Pastelcio.  I did not use a top coat for either of the photos below.  It's very summery and very bright.

Peaches <3 Cream in direct sunlight

This polish, like Pastelcio is incredibly pigmented, Lime Crime is known for their super pigmented lipsticks and eyeshadows and they did not disappoint in the pigmentation area.  I used 3 coats to even everything out, but if you were quite carefully covering the nail you could probably do it in about 2, I just had a bit of bald spots here and there but after the 3rd coat it really was gorgeous.

Peaches <3 Cream in the shade

It's definitely a peachy color, but I'm still on the fence if this is really a pastel or not.  Everyone who has complimented me on it remarks at its "neon" qualities.  The same goes for Pastelcio, which was DEFINITELY not pastel at all.

Overall, I love this polish!  It's a color I didn't yet own and I definitely needed it.  I think out of the two, Pastelcio and Peaches <3 Cream I probably prefer Peaches <3 Cream but I also love Pastelcio!  Both of them are colors I didn't have in my collection, and they're both very quality nail polish for the price.

You can purchase any of the Les Desserts nail polishes from Lime Crime's website for $5.99!

xx Laura  

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