Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Essie Go Overboard!

Hi Guys!

Happy Tuesday!  Tonight is the night I watch some tv programs with my mom and sister that we watch every week, it's very exciting~  Such a loser!

I think this is my first set of swatches of an Essie polish by itself!  Today I have Go Overboard for you, which is a gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous teal creme.  It looks a little dark in the bottle and in pictures but in person it's lighter and much more teal.  This guy has been around for a while but personally I think it's a really nice Fall color!

Go Overboard in the shade, there were no direct sun spots today :(

Click below to see the swatches!!

This polish was a freaking dream come true.  I know I've said before on this blog that a polish went on like butter but this polish really did go on like butter, ALSO get this ladies, this is two coats.  BUT, had I really focused on the placement of the polish on the first coat, it could have easily been one coat.  Seriously, if you're in a hurry this is the polish for you, you'll be out the door in no time.

On my computer the pictures look more true to color, on my phone they looked darker for some reason!  But still, I think a direct sunlight picture would've really done the trick but the world was just not on my side today.  Boo :(

(See Macy, my kitty, in the background having a bath?)

My friend called this "Deep Sea" which is close, since it is called Go Overboard!  It's a beautifully color, I bought it without a ton of expectations because like I may have mentioned before I don't jump through hoops for Essie polishes.  But I actually really like it!  It's definitely one of my top polishes now!  Congrats Essie ;)

The Kmart that I usually go to is closing its location soon so they were having a huge sale, that's what brought you today's post otherwise it might've been Agro from the Hunger Games collection!  Speaking of Hunger Games, I am going to watch the movie for the first time tonight and I am so excited!

I also picked up another Kardashian Kolors polish, yesterday I bought All Kendall-ed Up, which I wish I had a bottle picture to show you but I don't, and it's too dark outside now!

But these were the polish purchases today, with the Kmart sale they were both about $5 each, which is not too shabby since they're usually $8!

Not that anyone cares, but I also bought this guy, Va Va Violet since I previously bought a violet lipstick from Urban Decay called Confession, but it's very sheer which was a big disappointment!  So I bought this one in hopes it would not be so sheer but it's still not as opaque as I'd like it to be.  Does anyone know of a good, really opaque deep violet lipstick?? 

Hope everyone's having a good week!

xx Laura

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