Monday, August 13, 2012

Butter London with OPI Crackle!

Hey guys~

Today I have another manicure to share with you guys!  This time I was looking for something with a little more, I don't know... sophistication I suppose.  Something a little more "grown up."  I've been going to a couple of different interviews lately and I wanted something a little more fancy looking.  And when I think fancy nail polish, and maybe this is just me, but I usually think about Butter London.

I don't own many Butter polishes, in fact I only own one.  And it was a gift... let's be honest, I'm too cheap to fork out $15 for a polish...that's like almost two China Glaze, or two OPI.  But I have been eyeing Disco Biscuit lately so I might have to, against my own will, pick that little puppy up...

But the one Butter polish I do own is Yummy Mummy.  It's gorgeous, it's a nice beige with a very pretty yet subtle shimmer to it.  It's very nice, but to be honest I don't see a noticeable difference between this formula and any other $8 polish formula.  So for me, a Butter color has to be really special for me to even THINK about forking over the extra cash.

So here's my final result!  Actually, this mani started out as purely Yummy Mummy, and it was nice.  But I felt like it needed a little oomph, so I jazzed it up with an OPI Black Crackle accent nail.  I think the end result was really nice, I'm a sucker for a beige and black color scheme anyway.  Apologies for the not so super fabulous picture quality, I'm trying to find the perfect lighting in my house to take nail pictures in because since I live in Oregon, it may be sunny for the moment but I never know how long that will last.  And it definitely won't be like this in say, a month.  Since I plan to ride this blog out for definitely longer than that I have to find some new alternatives to outside!  

xx Laura 

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