Sunday, August 12, 2012


Hi everybody~

Welcome to Pictures && Polish!  I suppose I should introduce myself, I'm Laura.  I'm 18, and I routinely stalk several polish blogs at least once a day, and I'm obsessed with nail polish and painting my I thought I'd venture out into the nail polish blogging world c:
I was trying to think of some unique names for this thing, and I was drawing a blank.  But then I was thinking about my love for photography and, while I don't consider myself even an amateur photographer by any stretch, it would be nice to have somewhere to put a few shots other than the increasingly popular Instagram.  So I thought, Pictures && Polish, perfect.  Alliteration!  Everyone loves alliteration~  So the blog that you're looking at won't solely be nail polish oriented, but it will from time to time include some "photography."  I will have lots of swatches and reviews for you though, because like I said, I am nail polish obsessed and I can't seem to stop painting my nails.
I hope I can lure in a few other nail polish addicts, like myself, and maybe even a few newbies.  Everyone should know the love of a freshly painted manicure, *swoon*.

xx Laura


  1. Love the nails but don't see the option to follow you :o(

    1. Hmm, well I've done a bit of googling on the subject and I can't really find anything on the subject...the way I've always followed blogs is by adding them to my reading list when I click the 'Add' button.

    2. That's what I just did for your blog :) cute blog, by the way!