Thursday, August 23, 2012

Hunger Games Swatches Coming Up!

Hi everyone!

So I got these lovelies in the mail today~

I ordered Harvest Moon, Agro, and Stone Cold from the Hunger Games Collection!  Looking at the collection I may end up ordering maybe two more but definitely not more than that, I've read and looked at reviews of the whole collection but out of the other colors there's only a couple left that I'd consider picking up.  Soon I'm trying to get a bottle of Zombie Zest and It's Alive to do some future Halloween swatches :)

So be prepared to see some swatches of these beauties coming up!

xx Laura


  1. YAY you got one of my absolute favorite polishes. Stone Cold is amazingly gorgeous, especially if you love mattes. I hope you enjoy them. :)

    1. Ah I'm so excited to try it out, I'm just about to put up my swatches of Harvest Moon and I love it! I got Stone Cold because it is a matte and I don't have any matte glitters!