Thursday, September 27, 2012

Lynn B Designs' Ghostlike Charms


How is everybody?  Getting close to the weekend, I know I'm waiting for it.  I have only one class tomorrow, and a quiz in it.  But after that I get to go home to visit my family and Mr. Jojo :)

Today I've got another review of one of Lynn B Designs' polishes, this one is called Ghostlike Charms.  I believe it is part of a Nightmare Before Christmas collection which I am ecstatic about because that's one of my all time favorite movies.

Here's some bottle shots!

I managed to get some direct sunlight pictures of this guy :)

Click below for the review and swatches!
Ghostlike Charms is a glitter polish, it's definitely best used for layering as it is quite sheer.  It has an absolutely gorgeous lavender reflect to it, it's very strong in the bottle but not so much on the nails.  Something I wished was different, because I love me some grey-lilac goodness.

There are silver-holographic pieces of bar glitter scattered throughout a mixture of small, silver-holographic hexagonal glitter and what looks to me like small silver-holographic round glitter.  It's a bit more sparse than the other polish I received from her, Benedict.  But I actually really like that.  I definitely don't have anything like this in my collection, it's very nice.

If you're a freak for bar glitter this might not do it for you, it seemed quite scattered to me.  But for me, this was a good thing.  I actually really don't like bar glitter.  Nicki Minaj's Save Me just about killed me when I put it on my nails.  But this was sort of introduction to bar glitter.  It's sort of nice.  I like the sprinkling of it.

All photos shown are two coats of Ghostlike Charms over two coats of a basic white polish.  The glitter went on really smoothly, and it had less drying time than Benedict did for me.  That could be due to the heart glitter issues with Benedict though.

I mentioned the lilac reflect, you can see it on the nails if you are...say under the overhead glare of classroom lights.  But it's certainly not obvious unless you're looking for it.  In fact, because of that reflect I was torn between layering this over white or a lilac grey like Light As Air by China Glaze.  I'm glad I picked white, because this glitter took a very stark white polish and sort of tuned it down.  I like that a lot, because I feel that stark white on my nails makes my hands look strange.  This polish gave me the ability to wear white polish comfortably :)

Overall I actually really like this polish.  It is simple yet elegant yet sassy.  Even though I paired it over white I  actually think it would look good over many colors, I would be interested in trying a lilac-grey and a black most specifically.  And maybe a nice grey, the only grey I have seemed like it would be too dark.  I think a light grey would look really nice.

xx Laura

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