Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Friday Night and Superstition!

Hey guys!

Today I actually have two swatch/reviews for you in one, how exciting is that?  Get excited! :)  Lindsey from Maisie Shine sent me two polishes to show you guys.  One called Superstition and one called Friday Night.  All photos in this post are shown with the addition of a Seche Vite top coat.

Here are the bottle shots and let's get started!

Superstition in direct sunlight

Superstition in the shade

Friday Night in the shade

Friday Night in direct sunlight

Click below if you'd like to see swatches and a review!

Friday Night is a black glitter polish with large blue hexagonal glitter, pink blue and green glitter, and purple square glitter, and small blue hexagonal glitter.  In retrospect it could've been swatched better with a black base.  

Friday Night in the shade, or indoors.  My room is very well lit, we have a giant window so this is very close to what "shade" is like, even though it's taken indoors.

I had some issues with this polish, the application for me a was a little strange.  It wouldn't cover the tips of my nails very well for some reason, as if it was repelling from them.  I have never had that experience with a polish before, and it was not a pleasant one. 

Friday Night in the sunlight

This took about 3-4 thick coats, that's why I think it would've probably been a lot smoother with a black base coat and maybe one or two coats of Friday Night.  Another reason I say this is because it dried very bumpy, even with a coat of Seche Vite.  

Friday Night in direct sunlight

I wish I liked the application and formula of this polish better because I really like the color!  I like the glitters, I don't own anything like this!  

This polish was honestly hard to photograph, I used all my usual tricks but it just wasn't coming out very clearly.  I would recommend trying this polish if you plan to use an opaque black base coat.  Otherwise, it becomes hard to manage and it can dry a little bumpy.

Superstition is a gorgeous purple with a bit of rainbow micro shimmer.  I'm warning you now, it can photograph a little bit frosty!  But it's not at all in person, I actually love this polish, it's beautiful.

Superstition in direct sunlight

This polish needed about 3 coats, the first one probably more classified as thin but the other two I definitely did thickly and it turned out really nice!  

Superstition in the shade

The formula was very smooth, a little on the thin side but it worked itself out nicely.  This color is stunning though!  It's very galaxy-like to me.  It seems like something you could definitely use as a base for that sort of thing, I never had any desire to layer and dot polishes to achieve the galaxy effect though.  

Superstition in direct sunlight

This one is really nice though, totally gorgeous!

You can find these polishes at her etsy shop!

Again, these were sent to me for review but all opinions are my own :)

xx Laura

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