Wednesday, September 12, 2012

China Glaze Man Hunt!

Hi guys!

Happy middle of the week!  If you follow me on twitter then you know that I skipped yesterday's posting because I forgot to take Sunday off!  Trying to get onto a good schedule, but my life is crazy right now.  I'm moving into the dorm on Saturday and it's just quite stressful!

But today I have an absolutely gorgeous polish for you guys!  I'm pretty sure this one would be qualified as a jelly, it's Man Hunt by China Glaze.  It's from their On Safari collection, and it's to die for gorgeous.

I only have a shade bottle shot for you today because let's be honest, I'm a hot mess right now.

Man Hunt in the shade

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Man Hunt is a gorgeous primary blue, it's not quite navy blue truly but sometimes it can seem that way.  Especially indoors, in the shade it's most true primary blue, in the sun it looks a bit more navy to me, and indoors it looks way more navy.  Strange, right?  

Man Hunt, two coats, in the shade

This is my failure shot, I did two coats and inside it looked nice but then I went out and realized that it was patchy and apparently there was something on my ring finger that is not there now...  Long story short, this polish needs three coats.  I was a bit worried, because the first coat went on quite streaky and really light.  I have a lot, a lot, a lot of staining on my nails due to a one time accident and I thought that it might show through but by the 2nd and 3rd coat I was impressed by the opacity.

Man Hunt in the shade

Here's the full three coats in the shade, it's gorgeous right?  It's actually kind of funny, the bottle in the sunlight made me think oh no...this is Sky High Top.  But then I held the bottles side by side in my bathroom and was laughing at myself because they were no where close.  Shot is with top coat, the above shot is not.  Without top coat this polish is INSANELY shiny on its own.  I almost felt like my seche vite dulled it...insane right?

Man Hunt in direct sunlight

This is my favorite shot of the polish, it's so glossy and gorgeous.  The sun glints off of it so prettily and it's just...ah amazing.

Man Hunt in direct sunlight

Again, just gorgeous.  I think on my last swatch and review of Agro I had said "sorry the sunlight pictures just weren't working for me" well someone must've heard me because I was ooh-ing and ahh-ing over these sunlight pictures.  Too much!

This polish is gorgeous, I had no other blue like it.  It's opaque in three coats and it looks nice in all lights, definitely recommend this baby.

xx Laura

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