Monday, September 10, 2012

It's Agro!

Hi guys!

Today I have a mani post for you guys!  It's been a while!  Also, I have some news, I recently set up a twitter for pictures && polish!  You can follow me, @picturesnpolish and I'll be putting up things like "would you guys like to see this or that?" or just fun stuff.  I'd love to see you guys on there and be able to have a conversation :)

So I'm calling this mani "It's Agro!" because I used my old swatch-mani of Agro and made it a new look with the help of It's Alive also by China Glaze.

The only thing that is disappointing is that the glitter is so like the base color that it's hard to photograph and see!  But it's nice because It's Alive could definitely use some undies in general so this color, Agro, is absolutely perfect for it.

I'll probably do a full swatch/review of It's Alive when it gets closer to Halloween.  For now I have so many new polishes that I've bought and still haven't tried, I think literally 8!  I've got another Kardashian one, another Hunger Games one, two polishes from the China Glaze Up and Away collection and others!

Lots of fun stuff coming up!

xx Laura


  1. I love this green. I like the glitter as well, is it a fine green glitter in a clear base?

    1. To me it looks like a mix, there's definitely some bigger pieces in there. It may be a lightly tinted base but it's definitely something that would need multiple coats. I prefer to use a base :) A green of this color was absolutely perfect but a darker green would probably look really nice!