Thursday, September 20, 2012

China Glaze's Light As Air!

Hi lovelies~

As you guys know, I've been moved into my new dorm at Portland State, I'm loving it but it is a lot of new stuff and a lot of new stuff that takes up my time so I'm hoping to keep my posting consistent but if it gets a little bit off schedule don't hate me, I'm doing the best I can guys!

So right before I moved, literally the night before, I got Light As Air by China Glaze in the mail.  I was awed because Lemon Fizz was supposed to get here first, but Light As Air was the one I wanted right now!!  So imagine my excitement.  I had to put it on that night!

Here are the bottle shots!

Light As Air in direct sunlight

Light As Air in the shade

Click below for swatches and a review!

Light As Air is a purple-grey cream.  More like a lilac grey actually.  It's, again, from the China Glaze Up And Away collection, which I am still obsessed with.

Light As Air in direct sunlight

The pigmentation on this baby was absolutely gorgeous.  It went on nice and even and pictured is only two coats, I probably could've done three just to even it all out but it worked out fine with two!

Light As Air in direct sunlight

The formula was fabulous, it was like butter. None of the issues I had with Peachy Keen, which I wasn't surprised because Four Leaf Clover which I also have is not like that.  I'll do a review/swatch post of that one soon, I've only used it on my toes thus far :)

Light As Air in the shade, please excuse my mermaid tinted cuticles, a certain polish *four leaf clover cough* stained my nails and cuticles horridly >.<

As I sit here and type this I can see on my nails the color looks extremely grey, in fact only grey.  So it shifts a little, but in other lights in my home like the bathroom etc it looks lilac.  So it's a trickster~

Light As Air in the shade

Overall this is honestly...get ready for me to say this guys....this is honestly my new favorite polish.  Ta Da!  Would you guys be interested in seeing a post of say, my top 5?  Let me know :)

Hope you guys are doing well!
xx Laura

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