Monday, September 24, 2012

Lyn B Designs' Benedict!

Hi everyone,

Sorry for the lack of weekend posts, time got away from me!

But today I have a gorgeous polish to show you guys sent from Jenna at Lyn B Designs!  This polish is called Benedict~

Here's some bottle shots, but here's the thing.  I live in Oregon and our natural light is pretty much gone, so I'm now going to be taking pictures under a light with more of a blue tone.  I've experimented with different ones and this is the lighting I find matches the color most truly.

If you want to see swatches and a review click below!

Benedict is a beautiful glitter layering polish, for me it would take too many coats to be worn on its own but you could always try :)

This is one coat of Benedict

Benedict has small holographic glitter and holographic heart glitter in a very, very light pink base.  Meaning non-existent.  It looks clear to me, personally.  I love this polish!  I love it probably a bit more in theory than in real life but I love it all the same!

One coat of Benedict

The only drawback I have with this polish is that it is very difficult to get the heart glitter out of the bottle.  It was a very seldom and random draw with it and by the end of doing two coats of the glitter three of my nails had hearts, which looks a bit strange.  That's the only thing I wish was different.  At the end of the third coat i had found enough hearts to get at least one onto each of my left hand fingernails (my photo hand xD) but still, you might get one on the brush but then a big glob of the polish goes on the nail, making it too thick and dry time very slow.

2-3 coats of Benedict (with specific heart glitter placement)

I've layered this polish over two coats of Revlon's Bewitched, which was the perfect complimentary berry color.  Even though the heart glitter was difficult the fine glitter is beautiful and compliments almost any color I can think of.

2-3 coats of Benedict

Also, worth mentioning, the bottle of this polish is gorgeous!  It's absolutely gorgeous, and it's the most unique bottle I own.

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