Thursday, September 6, 2012

All Kendall-ed Up!

Hi everyone, I'm back!  Hope you all had a nice labor day weekend, I really enjoyed my beach trip.  I do have TONS of photos but the only downside to tons of photos is that it means tons of editing and sifting through them.  Hoping to have at least a small post up for you guys tomorrow!

But today, I have a gorgeous polish for you guys!  It's from the Kardashian Kolors core collection, I almost typed those last two C words with K's as well!  It's called All Kendall-ed Up which is an adorable name.  I watch the shows off and on, and I actually do find them very funny and entertaining, and I think all of the girls are gorgeous.  I also own, Khloe Had A Little Lam-Lam and Sealed With A Kris, which are two of my earlier purchases, and then I recently purchased All Kendall-ed Up and Kim-pletley In Love.  I will definitely be doing swatches of Kim-pletley In Love, but if you'd like to see swatches of either of the other two let me know in the comments!  Khloe Had A Little Lam-Lam is one of the coolest colors of the collection, in my opinion.

But onto All Kendall-ed Up!  Here are the bottle shots, in shade and direct sunlight.

All Kendall-ed Up bottle in the shade

All Kendall-ed Up bottle in direct sunlight

Click below to see the swatches and a review!

This polish is a blue-toned pink cream, there is absolutely zero shimmer in this baby.  I like the color, but there is something about it that throws me for a loop somehow.  It may be my skin tone or maybe I'm looking for something that leans a little more purple/magenta/fuschia?  I do like the color though.  

Direct sunlight

The formula was very nice.  I'm kicking myself because I can't remember if I used two coats or three... I feel like I used two and it was opaque enough but I like to finish a manicure off really solidly with a third coat.  

Direct sunlight, sorry I'm not sure why this picture looks so weird!

For some reason it looks almost a bit patchy in these photos, but in real life it wasn't noticeable at all.

In the shade

On the plus side, this is the cleanest manicure I've done in a really long time.  It looked pretty much perfect without having to clean up at all, I'm not sure if I can attribute that to the brush or the formula, because to be honest my right hand turned out just a bit sloppier than my left, as is to be expected.  I think I was really on my nail painting game last night!

Awkward hand poses.

So overall this was a nice polish, although to be honest this color is definitely not very original, I put it on and I looked at it for a minute and I said, oh!  I know what this looks like, Strawberry Margarita from OPI.  I didn't do any comparisons, but I held the bottles up and they looked dead on.  That's always disappointing for me, I don't like to spend money on the same polish twice.  But I do like the Kardashian names and colors and the whole collection so it's not too bad.  The formula is very nice though and I think the brush is a little bit wider than the OPI which is something that I like!

xx Laura

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