Saturday, September 15, 2012

China Glaze's Peachy Keen!

Hi everyone!

Did anybody guess the color from my twitter?  It's China Glaze's Peachy Keen!  It's from an older collection called Up And Away which coincidentally I am now obsessed with.  I purchased this polish, Lemon Fizz, Light As Air, and Four Leaf Clover and honestly I plan to purchase the whole collection.  The bright yellow from the collection is next on my list, but unfortunately I am not on the polish market for a while!  But, good news is I have a few different Indie polish brands sending me some goodies to swatch and review for you guys!  One of them is even a sneak peek at an upcoming collection, get excited!

So Peachy Keen, here's the bottle shots!

Peachy Keen in the shade

Peachy Keen in direct sunlight

To see the rest of the swatches and review click below!

Peachy Keen in the shade

This polish...just ended up being disappointing to be honest.  There are multiple reasons I was disappointed and one of them is not the polish's fault.  I bought this on impulse, got it in the mail, started painting my nails, looked down, and I said "Oh.  Lime Crime's Peaches <3 Cream."  They're almost exact dupes, Lime Crime's polish is a little more dull when it dries.  But color wise they look the same to me.

Peachy Keen in the shade, also ignore my middle nail as I accidentally got dust on it and like an idiot I painted Seche Vite on top of the dust without realizing it.

The other reason this polish was disappointing was that it is a color that was just not flattering on me at all.  It reminds me of Essie's A Crewed Interest.  I love the color in itself, but it's just not a suiting color for me.  It makes my hands look...not exactly tan but something...just an off color.  

Peachy Keen in shade, even though it looks like the sun.

The last reason that I was disappointed with Peachy Keen was that the formula was thick.  In fact, it was hard to work with.  I actually ended up having to do quite thick coats because of the goopiness of the polish.

Peachy Keen in direct sunlight

Peachy Keen in direct sunlight

I do like the color of this polish, although as you can see it dries darker than the bottle!  It turned out to be much more orange than I expected!

Overall, is this a polish I'm going to grab for?  No.  Because honestly Lime Crime's formula was less of a hassle and it went on much smoother, and to my eye at least they look identical.  But I like owning whole collections, so I'm not too sad I bought it.  But I would've preferred to spend the same money on Heli-Yum or Happy Go Lucky -.-

By the way, no post tomorrow!  It's Sunday and I swear to god I'm going to get on track with taking sunday off!  Lots of photography coming up and another Up And Away polish! 

xx Laura


  1. this is seriously one of my favorite polishes! the color is just so beautiful!

    P.s I can't find the button to join your blog :(

    1. Hi Diana! God, so sorry it's taken me this long to reply, blogspot kept glitching and not letting me reply. I have added the button at the top though!

      Thank you for visiting :)