Sunday, September 9, 2012

Liebster Award!

Hi everyone!

Today's post is a little bit different!!  I've been nominated for a Liebster Award, I'm very excited.  This is the first award I've ever gotten or been nominated for.  I was nominated by this adorable girl who is very sweet and you should definitely check her blog out!

In order to accept the award, there are certain rules:

1. Each person tagged must post 11 things about themselves
2. They must answer the 11 questions the 'tagger' has set for them
3. They must create 11 more questions to ask bloggers they have decided to tag
4. They must then choose 11 bloggers with less than 200 followers and tag them in their post
5. These lucky bloggers must then be told
6. There's no tag backs

So let's get started!

11 Things About Me

1. I will be starting college in just 15 days, specifically at Portland State University.  I'm very excited because it's my freshman year and I'm rooming with my best friend!

2. At Portland State I will be majoring in Chinese language, which is something I absolutely love.  I took two years in high school and I just never got enough of it, now I get to take it every day, Monday through Friday, and I couldn't be happier.

3. If it wasn't too much of a course load, I would be double majoring in Chinese and Russian, because I have always wanted to learn Russian.  But unfortunately I don't trust myself with that much work.  I admire people who can handle that sort of load.

4. I have two tattoos, Chanse and Fate on my wrists.  They're in memory of two guys who were like brothers to me, they protected me through a lot of bad stuff in my childhood.  And unfortunately they have passed on, so I got their names on me in tribute to the great care they took of me.

5. I really want a lot more tattoos, and I plan to get at least one more this year!

6. My hair used to be "dip dyed" purple, on the tips.  I loved it and when it faded out I just never got around to re doing it, but I am thinking about doing it soon!

7. I have a little Chihuahua named Jo Jo, he is blind in one eye and he is adorable.  He's a rescue dog and he's seriously the best dog in the world.  

8. I have a fish named Tom Milsom, after the youtube personality.  I love him.  And I used to have a fish named Nerimon named after Tom's friend, also a youtube personality.  When Tom Milsom dies I will get a new fish named Charlie, after their other friend and youtube personality.

9. I swear on my life that borrowers live in my house and run through the vents, I know it makes me sound crazy but I swear to God it's true.

10. I drive a Buick 1996 Regal Gran Sport, it's a hilariously grandpa car, but I love him.  I call him Trooper.

11. I love to bake, it's very therapeutic for me!  I made Butterfinger cupcakes for my best friend's birthday and they were delicious, and one of my favorite things to bake is Cheesecake Brownies.  It's an incredibly simple recipe if anyone wants it let me know!

11 Questions for you!

1. Winter or Summer?
2. What's your favorite nail polish type? (Holographic, cream, metallic, etc)
3. What's your favorite nail polish brand? 
4. What's your favorite nail polish?
5. What's your favorite manicure x pedicure combo?
6. Do you prefer to do your own nails or go have them done?
7. Do you prefer to do your own toes or go have them done?
8. Is there a color you would never wear on your nails?
9. Have you ever spilt nail polish on the carpet? (I shamefully have -.-)
10. What's your least favorite nail polish brand?
11. Can you type with wet nails?

11 People I'm tagging!
1. Concrete and Nail Polish (I think she has less than 200? I'm not 100% sure though!)
2. Gl*itch Nails!
3. My Lucid Bubble
4. Toasty - UK Beauty Blog
5. Platypus Nails
6. Apply Polish Here
7. Katiee's Beauty World
8. Lucky Love Nails
9. Jibber Jabber
10. Lozlosa
11. Nurchamiel + Beauty

11 Questions for me!
1. What name of a nail polish made you LOL?
This is a good one!  All the OMG China Glaze Holo names were pretty funny!
2. Are you a morning person?
God no, I'm horrid in the morning.  I often throw temper tantrums.
3. What kind of pets do you have?
I have a Chihuahua, two cats, and a fish!
4. What is the thing that you love the most?
Probably reading!  I love to read, especially Stephen King!
5. What Nail polish brand is your favorite?
Definitely China Glaze!  Love their polishes, and I love Chinese :)
6. What kind of mani's do you like the most? (Plain, stamping, freehand etc.)
Honestly I really like simple manis.  When I do stripes, tips, etc it's never quite as satisfying as a beautifully done cream mani.
7. What is your favorite ice cream flavor?
Ben and Jerry's Milk And Cookies!  Or Cake Batter!
8. What would your weapon of choice be in a zombie apocalypse?
A chain saw!
9. Which blog did you follow first?
Well, the Polish Aholic got me into blogging in the first place :)
10. If you could only have one, which would it be: Facebook or Twitter?
Facebook, I do only have one haha!
11. Which TV series genre do you like to watch most?
Ooh...I watch a lot of reality tv but I really love Game of Thrones...

Wow that took longer than I expected, but this was fun!  I'd love for you guys to get to know me more, and I'd love to get to know you!  If you've done this already leave me the link down below, I like reading them!

xx Laura


  1. Hey Laura! Really nice job! Haha it was nice to read all the stuff about you and your answers to my questions :) You should definitely dye your hair with purple tips again! And it's funny to read that you also started with The Polishaholic, it was the same for me :)

    1. Thanks! And thanks again for tagging me! I am definitely thinking about it, but I'll have to bleach them too and that's not fun haha. How funny! I love her, her blog is my favorite!

  2. Great post, I bet the dip-dyed hair looked amazing :) Thank you for choosing me, I'll write a post about it soon! xx

    1. Perfect, I'm excited to see! And thank you! I should've put a picture in!

  3. Thank you so much for the nomination! I love your blog. It is so super cute.