Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Witches' Cabinet Trio!

Hi everyone!!

Hope you're all doing well!

Today I've got another trio from The Witches' Cabinet!

Click below to see swatches!

Berry Boolicious

Berry Boolicious

Berry Boolicious is a clear base with what looks to me like purple, red, and green shards of glitter.  I love it! I love that they included a clear based glitter coat.  This is a totally easy and toned down way to do a Halloween nail!  You could pair this over black, you could pair it over green, purple, orange, white, grey, the list goes on and on.  And, I used two coats here but you could totally do one to get an even more toned down look.  This is a great polish and I think I will definitely be doing a mani look with this one in a few days.  Please excuse my horribly stained nails, the patch it almost completely grown out!! I'm so excited.  

Poisoned Pink

Poisoned Pink

Poisoned Pink is a light frosty pink base with black circle glitter, medium black circle glitter and black square glitter.  This one is so cute!  It's called Poisoned Pink but for some reason it just feels very pouty pink, sort of Molly Ringwald style.  Princess with attitude.  It's frosty but it didn't bother me.  It was a little more sheer, but if I didn't have teal staining on my nails it wouldn't have bothered me.  This is three coats, and I did have VNL but it is so neutral pink it's not a big deal.

Blue Balled Monster

Blue Balled Monster

Blue Balled Monster is a light green pearl base with light and dark blue small-medium circle glitter and light blue bar glitter.  I love this so much more than I thought I would!  The base is a teeny bit frosted, but it didn't bother me at all and I'm not a frosted nail polish kinda gal.  I love the name, I loved the opacity.  It only took 2 coats for this guy.  It's another tasteful bar glitter!  I used to hate bar glitter but I'm wondering if it's growing on me...

Overall these were also great!  I got a few that I think are really neat and some that I would never have picked for myself and they turned my world upside down.  Definitely great for Halloween (or any time of the year if you're cool like me).

xx Laura

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