Wednesday, October 10, 2012

China Glaze's Happy Go Lucky!

Hi guys!

I'm back...sorry for the hiatus.  Life.

But I also have good news, I've got some more etsy seller samples on their way!  So get excited for that~  I also purchased an older holiday trio from China Glaze which will be on its way too.  I love seasonal polishes...I just do.

So today I have another polish from the Up and Away China Glaze collection, this one is called Happy Go Lucky!

Here's bottle shots, including one with flash oooooh ;)

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Happy Go Lucky is a bright yellow shade!  It's pure cream, no shimmer at all.  It's definitely not pastel but it's definitely DEFINITELY not neon.  I repeat, even though the first photo looks neon it is not.  That's just the flash!  It's more like...if an orange and a stick of butter had a baby?  Because pure butter is kind of pastel, this has a warmer tone.

It's a gorgeous color really, not something I own previously for sure.  And definitely not something I was sure I was going to love.  But I actually do!

Formula was a dream.  Two to three coats will definitely do the job for you.  It went on buttery and smooth.

There's not a ton to say about this one!  Pictures are doing it justice in my opinion, it was a very nice polish and it translated well.  Definitely recommended!

xx Laura

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