Thursday, October 4, 2012

Man Glaze's Ilf!

Hey y'all~

Look at me, two consecutive posts in a row.  I am once again incredibly sick.  Before it was like headaches and nausea now it's just like disgustingly gross sniffles and coughs.  But oh, oh guess what!!!  Last night I went and I iPhone 4s! It's not a 5...but it has a lot better camera than what I use now...which is my iPhone 3.  Awkward.  Also, on the photography aspect I hope to get a few new lenses for the camera, ones that wouldn't fit my iPhone 3 camera!  So get excited woop woop.  I just updated the software and everything so it's officially a really much nicer phone than my old 3...I'll be using that one for music!

But actually, these photos are still with the 3, so next post will be with the 4s, holllaaaa!

But today I have a super cute polish for you guys!  It's by Man Glaze, a super hilarious company, and it's called Ilf.  Here's the bottle shots, there's more than usual because the bottle of these polishes is so unique, it's got a ton of cool artwork!

This side of the bottle was the hardest to capture, I'm not sure why.  

Anyway, click below to see the rest!

So I'm not sure if everyone has heard of Man Glaze, it's a really quirky company.  They're a bit vulgar (not in my opinion...if only you guys knew how truly horrible I am..) for some people.  But I think they're hilarious.  I think they have a color called Santorum, which unfortunately is a brown that I don't really like, but I think it's hilarious.  Check them out for sure!

I think all of Man Glaze's polishes dry to a matte finish, this doesn't personally bother me because I kind of think it's great.  Because you really are getting two polishes for one.  I use top coat after every polish anyway.  And I have to say, not to toot my own horn or anything...but these matte pictures are some of my best hand poses yet.  Work it. 

It's a gorgeous dusty teal, very in right now.  It has shimmer in it, it's very hard to tell that when it's matte but when you put a top coat on watch out, ba bam.

Shimmer heaven.  Isn't it gorgeous?  Sorry for glare, the sun was not working with during this little photoshoot for whatever reason.

Being a matte polish it dried incredibly fast, I did need about three coats though.  Which isn't really too bad.  It went on smoothly!  Very nice.  Especially since these polishes are quite the pricey ones compared to my normal $5 amazon China Glaze purchases...

Overall this is gorgeous, a great color.  A must have!

xx Laura

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