Wednesday, October 3, 2012

China Glaze's It's Alive!

Hi everyone, sorry for the bit of hiatus.  I'm having some internet/phone issues and sorting them out is exhausting.  I accidentally let the original post for this polish roll through as scheduled and forgot to add anyone who saw that fail let's just move on -.-

Also excuse the fact that these pictures have no tagging/watermark style things.  I was sick/going through stuff/having phone issues/being a baby.

Anyway, here's another Halloween-ish post for you!  It's a polish called It's Alive by China Glaze.

Here's the bottle shots!

Click below to see the rest~~

So It's Alive is awesome.  It's honestly, it's kind of old.  I think it's from 2010?  Don't quote me.  But I know it's not recent.  But that being said, I saw it once and knew I had to have it.

This color, in my original writing I said it was swampy, well it is.  But it's also very remniscent of alligators!  Or crocodile like.  Either way it's awesome.  It's very swamp like.

It is green multi-sized glitter in a very sheer green base.  Definitely, to my eye at least, would take several coats to build up.  So I paired it with Agro for these photos.

Even though I paired it with Agro there are a variety of greens, and maybe even black, that would look good with this color!  I was thinking a dark green would probably be even more vampy and halloween like.  All these photos are one coat of It's Alive over one thick coat of Agro.    

Hope you guys enjoyed!

xx Laura

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