Monday, October 22, 2012

The Witches' Cabinet Trio!

Hi everyone!!

Hope everyone had a good weekend, we set up our Dish network tv so I spent all weekend doing that, and cuddling with Mr. Jojo!  But I am getting really excited for Halloween!  I've always loved halloween, and this year I'm going to be a maid.  I've been several things in the past, Misty from Pokemon, a zombie, a baseball player.  Tons of stuff.  And I actually have some Halloween related nail posts coming!!

Today I have some somewhat Halloween themed nail polish!  The Witches' Cabinet from Etsy have sent me two different Halloween themed trios, and I've got one to show you today!  I don't think the trios actually have names, I tried to search and find them but they seem to be unnamed trios.  But the polishes have names!  And these are the only sample bottles I've ever gotten that have labels!  So cute!

Also, they sent a little note which I thought was just so cute!

Click below to see swatches!

So, the note said that they suggest two coats with a good top coat.  These photos do not have a top coat but I didn't notice any textures that absolutely needed it.  But, I definitely needed 3 coats on some polishes.

Haute Pink Love

Haute Pink Love

Haute Pink Love is super gorgeous!  I'm just going to use their description of the polishes because it's probably more accurate!  They describe it as a hot pink base with silver holographic square glitter, pink hearts and light purple square glitter.  And now, this is actually hilarious.  I almost never do giant swatch days where I paint, take the picture while the polish is wet and then take the polish off and do another but that is what I did today, and their etsy says that the polish applies orange and dries pink.  So that is why it looks orange!  This polish was somewhat sheer, I'm not sure you could get it to full opacity.  This is actually three coats.  I really liked this one!  I think I might wear it over an orange base because I actually like the orange coloring.  I only wish the hearts were more obvious and easier to get on the nail!

Feel The Heat

Feel The Heat

They describe Feel The Heat as a fiery pearl red base with copper glitter, gold holographic squares, and green glitter.  This one I only had to use two coats for, it was great!  My only complaint, the glitter sort of gets buried under the different coats.  I wish it looked more apparent. 

Something In The Night

Something In The Night

Their page describes Something In The Night as a black jelly base with holographic glitter, holo gold slices (bar glitter), and holo silver slices (bar glitter).  I looked at this in the bottle and was like ugh.  Because I hate bar glitter!  But honestly, I didn't hate this one.  It wasn't so insanely bar glitter-y that it was too hairy.  The base with the holographic glitter is absolutely gorgeous!  I felt like it had an appropriate amount of bar glitter. This was a 3 coater though, 2 would've been too streaky.

These polishes were great!  Cute for halloween!  They're things you could wear alone or things that would be cute for a costume.  It's cool to see Halloween polishes that aren't just black, orange, purple, and green.

xx Laura

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